Eyelid Surgery

Romanoff Vision

Eyelid surgery – blepharoplasty – is the removal of access tissue that can block your vision. As we age, the skin around our eyes begins to stretch and sag, making your eyes appears tired and droopy. Removing the extra skin around the eyes and lids can improve your vision as well as making your eyes appear more youthful and alert.

Eyelid surgery will not eliminate fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Nor will it lift droopy eyebrows. There are other procedures designated for these purposes. Ask Dr. Romanoff for your options.

The final results of Blepharoplasty will appear within several weeks of surgery. While eye surgery does not stop the eyes from aging, the procedure is typically long lasting. The effect of upper eyelid surgery may last several years to a lifetime. To continue and maintain your surgery results, it is important to follow up with Dr. Romanoff along with protection of your eye area from harmful UV rays.

One of the best ways to decide if cosmetic surgery is right for you is by having a meeting with Dr. Romanoff. During your consultation, you and Dr. Romanoff will discuss your goals and expectations, review your health history, make recommendations and answer your questions.

Therapeutic eyelid surgery may be covered by your insurance. Inquire with one of our staff members.