Lens Technology

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How a Lens is Made

Eyeglasses are available in all shapes and sizes…and for a variety of applications. Since we depend so much on our lenses to help us see the world clearly, you may wonder what goes into creating them.

Employing specially trained lens technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, you can feel confident knowing the eyeglasses you receive have undergone careful inspection at every step of manufacturing to assure you receive the finest quality lenses possible.

Benefits of Digital and Free-Form Lenses

In today's high tech world many of you have heard the term "high definition."

Digital and Free-Form lenses are to eyeglasses what HD TV's are to home entertainment. They allow for sharper, clearer, crisper vision throughout the whole lens, giving you the best vision possible!

Digital and Free-Form lenses are made of the same materials as conventional lenses. What makes digital lenses different is the process by which they are made. To create these lenses an advanced digital technology is used to resurface the lens allowing for greater precision over the entire lens surface. This enables your prescription to be the same strength on the very outer edges of your lens as it is in the middle. Surfacing the lenses this way provides you with more visual comfort, improved peripheral vision, sharper definition and less eye fatigue.

Digital and Free-Form lenses also allow more versatility in lens shapes in regards to prescription, so you are not limited on frame styles because of your prescription needs.

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Proper Lens Care Instructions

Eye wear is an investment. It's important to know how to avoid scratches and protect your lenses from damage. To learn more about how to take care of and clean your lenses, please click here to watch an informational video in our Community Topics.

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