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Do you suffer from eyelids that have cancerous lesions or tend to droop into your field of vision? If so, you may have toyed with the idea of seeing a plastic surgeon -- when in fact you should be considering a visit to our ophthalmologist here at Romanoff Vision. You don't want to take any chances with the delicate tissues surrounding your eyes, so it pays to seek out expert care. We'll be more than happy to serve as your source for corrective eyelid surgery in Sylvania.

The World of Corrective Eyelid Surgery

Corrective eyelid surgery falls into two primary categories based on the underlying intention: cosmetic and functional. A cosmetic eyelid surgery is performed simply to improve your looks -- the removal of tiny wrinkles around the eyes, for example. Functional eye surgery specially aims to correct a medical or functional issue with the eyelid, although it may improve the look of the eyelid as well. Examples include:

  • Blepharoplasty - This type of procedure, also called an eyelid lift, may be performed either for cosmetic or functional reasons. (Blepharoplasty may be performed on the upper and/or lower eyelid.) A small amount of tissue is removed with a cut along the length of the eyelid. The edges of the incision are then drawn together and closed. You may benefit from blepharoplasty if you suffer from a congenitally droopy eyelid, or if your eyelid developed a droop following cataract surgery, stroke, or injury.  Children with a droopy eyelid may experience developmental or functional vision problems such as amblyopia, since the brain discounts the information from the eye with the droopy eyelid. Early correction through surgery can help prevent these complications.
  • Mohr's microsurgery - This form of surgery is used to remove certain types of eyelid cancers. In this minimally invasive approach, our ophthalmologist shaves away extremely thin layers of cells from the eyelid until the visible cancer has been completely removed. A reconstructive procedure can then make any final repairs to restore your eyelid to its former healthy appearance.
  • Frozen section surgery - Frozen section surgery is another technique for removing eye cancers. It is very similar to Mohr's in its basic approach except that the tissues are frozen and examined under the microscope as they're removed. This enables us to keep checking our work until we know you're cancer-free.

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Our eye doctor, Dr. Romanoff, can rescue you or a member of your family from the issues presented by a diseased or drooping eyelid. Call Romanoff Vision at (419) 885-5556 today to schedule a consultation and ask us about corrective eyelid surgery!


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