Our goal is to make a safe and sanitary environment for everyone in our office. We are strictly following the guidelines of the CDC and of the American Academy of Ophthalmology in regard to sanitizing the office and equipment between every patient that is seen. Our staff has been trained to the finest detail in all the quality measures that we are taking to best insure your safety and ours.

The measures we are taking include but are not limited to:

1. If you are sick, have a fever, cough, temperature, diarrhea, unusual headache or any other symptoms of illness, we will have to reschedule you a minimum of 14 days after the symptoms subside.

2. All patients must wear a mask in order to enter the office. We will absolutely not see any patient who is not wearing a mask.

3. We are requesting that only the patient should come to the office so we can practice social distancing. If a driver or family member accompanies the patient, there is seating in the hallway near the gift shop. Of course, if there are special needs and you must have a guardian or helper, we will accommodate that need.

4. Flower Hospital will require you to have your temperature taken at their checkpoint which is located immediately outside our door. If you have a temperature, you will not be admitted to the office or anywhere in the building. This is a Promedica system wide requirement.

5. The coffee machine and all magazines will no longer be available until it is recommended to resume these niceties.

6. There will be designated seating in the waiting room to facilitate social distancing.

7. Wall mounted sanitizer machines are available in all areas of the office for everyone’s use.

8. Individual exam rooms will be disinfected after every patient, even though this has been done routinely in the past.

9. The waiting room will be disinfected very often throughout the day and the chairs will be sanitized after every patient who sat in a given chair.

10. Romanoff Optical will be sanitizing anything that the patient touches including the frames that are tried on between patients. All countertops will be sanitized between patient interactions.

11. The staff at Romanoff Vision will be wearing masks. Face shields will be worn as well by the staff when indicated to protect themselves as well as our patients.

12. Plastic barriers will be installed at check in and check out for your safety and ours.

13. It is recommended that every patient bring in their own pen to sign paper work.

Thank you.

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Located in Flower Hospital Medical Office Building


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