Why You Need To Go For Regular Eye Exams

They say “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it,” right? However, this philosophy should not apply to your eyes. As your go-to ophthalmologist in Sylvania, we at Romanoff Optical/Vision usually advise our patients to attend regular eye examinations for several reasons prevention and early diagnosis being only a couple of these reasons.


Eye exams prevent blindness

When you check your eyes often, you’ll be able to catch some diseases early. Do you know that some eye diseases do not have early signs? A good example is Glaucoma, which presents symptoms that can expand slowly or rapidly depending on the type. At an advanced stage, glaucoma can cause total blindness. By the time it manifests, it will be difficult to curb the condition. Many cases of irreversible blindness could have been prevented by detection during an eye exam.

It is also important to let you know that vision screening is not an eye examination, as many people assume. Your vision can still be very sharp even when you already have an eye disease. A vision screening will not catch Glaucoma at its early stage. So we recommend attending thorough and proper eye exams versus vision screenings.

It exposes other diseases

The onset of some eye diseases can be detected through a comprehensive eye exam. For instance, signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or even cancer. Attending regular eye exams is the most effective way to cure or slow visual diseases/conditions before they progress.

Myopia in children and Other Treatments

Many children develop Myopia (nearsightedness) at an early stage in their lives. The bigger problem is that the disease progresses throughout their lives, and in rare cases, it could lead to complete loss of vision or sight-threatening condition if not contained at an early age. Only an eye exam can help detect the signs of Myopia or other eye conditions in your children.

We have taken it a step further. We don’t only carry out routine eye examinations; we also offer preventive eye care. A stitch in time saves nine, but in terms of eye health, it saves 100. Why wait until an eye disease sets in when we can prevent symptoms from occurring or at the least slow them down? So, consult us and we can provide you with the best in preventive eye care.

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