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Whether you're an athlete or enjoy occasional physical activities, wearing the appropriate sports eyewear during performances is essential. Sports eyewear can prevent injuries while also helping you see clearly on the field, in the gym, or anywhere else. Unfortunately, there are over 600,000 eye injuries that occur due to sporting activities annually. Of these, 42,000 usually require an emergency room visit. To prevent emergency situations from arising, our ophthalmologist at Romanoff Vision can help you find the proper sports eyewear that fits your athletic needs.

Sports Eyewear

The Problem with Regular Eye Wear

Eyeglasses are a great option to help correct vision issues. However, during sports, eyeglasses can easily fall off, be broken, and even cause injuries such as scratched corneas and facial cuts. In addition, regular eyeglasses do not provide enough protection against debris that can be plentiful on a field. While eyeglasses are built for daily use, sports eyewear is designed to ensure eye protection and vision clarity.

Options for Sports Eyewear

Our ophthalmologist can help determine what eyewear is appropriate for you and your athletic needs. We will assess your current eye health and the type of physical activity you perform to recommend the best eyewear options for your sporting activities. One of the best solutions is contact lenses, which are placed directly over the eye and eliminate the need for eyeglasses altogether. However, not everyone can wear or wants to wear contact lenses, so specific sports eyewear is also helpful.

Swimming goggles can help people see clear while also preventing water from getting into the eyes. We offer prescription goggles to ensure you experience optimal vision while swimming. For sports that involve fast-moving objects, such as hockey or baseball, shatter-proof glasses are a great option to keep your eyes safe. Any outside sport should also be accompanied by sports eyewear that offers protection from the sun. Prescription sunglasses are an excellent option for athletes who perform outdoor activities.

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At Romanoff Vision, we value our patients' eye safety. That's why we are here to help you find the best athletic gear for you. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping our patients maintain their vision and eye health throughout daily life. Avoid eye injuries by visiting our Sylvania office for quality eye protection and sports eyewear. Contact us at (419) 885-5556 today to learn more about how we can help.

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